• Technological Processes of Plastic Injection Molding
    Posted: 03/21/2016 03:54:20  Hits: 78
    Technological processes of plastic injection molding mainly include filling, pressurization, cooling and demolding. The four steps are a complete continuous process. 1. Filling Filling is the first step of the whole injection molding. Time should be originated from mold closing to filling about 95%...
  • Industry Barriers Existing in Plastic Mold Industry
    Posted: 03/16/2016 04:20:52  Hits: 86
    The manufacture of plastic products should be originated from the developing and design of plastic mold. As a basic mold for manufacturing plastic product, the precision of mold has direct influence on integrity of structure and precision of dimension. The manufacturing of all plastic products shoul...
  • Six Categories of Plastic Mold
    Posted: 03/14/2016 05:26:31  Hits: 81
    Plastic mold is assorted with plastic forming machines in plastic processing industry, making plastic products with complete configuration and precise dimension. Based on different forming methods, plastic mold can be classified into several categories to meet different requirements of techniques, m...
  • Rapid Prototyping: Focus in Molding Industry
    Posted: 03/01/2016 04:33:27  Hits: 67
    Strategy of traditional manufacturing industry was that scale benefit was the first. Price and quality first was put forward in 1980’s, developed into market response first in 1990’s. Reducing development cycle of products and invest risks on developing new products have already become t...
  • Seven Constituent Parts of Injection Mold
    Posted: 02/29/2016 04:15:20  Hits: 72
    According to using functions, basic structure of injection mold can be divided into molding part, gating system, guide mechanism, ejection device, side parting and core pulling structure, cooling and heating system and exhaust system, the seven parts. 1. Molding part Molding part refers to the comp...
  • Will 3D Printing End Injection Molding?
    Posted: 02/29/2016 03:41:55  Hits: 71
    In plastic manufacturing industry, 3D printing is usually compared with injection molding. There are a lot views that 3D printing will end injection molding. In terms of manufacturers, the competition between 3D printing and Injection Molding is also their consideration.  Denny Scher, the Mar...
  • Chromeplate Used for Large Mould of Auto
    Posted: 02/17/2016 05:18:12  Hits: 75
    With auto industry developing, stamping materials used for auto industry are constantly developing into high strength and lightweight. Therefore, it comes up with new challenge to the mould of auto. As a kind of metals having high strength, chrome has already been applied in electroplating of larg...
  • Global Plastic Injection Market Will Grow
    Posted: 02/16/2016 05:23:35  Hits: 68
    By 2020, global plastic injection market will reach 162 billion dollars. Polypropylene market will continue taking the lead position on plastic injection market in 2020. Most growth of plastic injection market will mainly come from the demands of packaging industry for the materials. Besides, the in...
  • Working Conditions of Plastic Mold
    Posted: 01/12/2016 04:59:58  Hits: 104
    According to performance of raw materials and forming methods, plastic mold can be classified into mold for thermosets and mold for thermoplastics.  Mold for thermosets is mainly used for compressing, transferring and plastic injection molding components, including compression mold, transferri...
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