Application of UG Software in Injection Mold
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At present, the market of injection mold is developing quickly and the competition is drastic. Gradually growing technical impediment and quality requirements require that the development and design of injection mold must depend on CAD/CAE/CAM technology more and more tightly. That is the only way that enterprises hold lifeblood of injection mold market, following the change of injection mold technology, improving the quality of injection mold. During the popularization and application of CAD/CAE/CAM technology, EDS in the U.S. developed integrated mechanical design software Unigraphics (UG for short), and the software played a key role in design. UG software is a multi-purpose function software highly integrating, systematizing and parameterizing CAD/CAE/CAM technology. Besides the general functions just as other the same kinds of software, the software also has flexible composite modeling, complete simulation camera, exquisite animation rendering and rapid prototype tool and other excellent functions. Among that, composite modeling function can make users choose different aided designs rations on solid modeling, curve modeling, wire frame modeling and parametric modeling based on characteristics, so that designers can confirm the best modeling patterns based on practical situation of engineering design, acquiring the best design effects. For the powerful functions and steady performances, UG software has been widely applied in design and manufacturing of mechanical products, becoming the high-end and mainstream products of CAD/CAE/CAM technology in China. 

Research for application of UG software on application is to adapt to the characteristic that contemporary products try effort to update and quickly seize the market. UG software conceives the new idea of product aided design start from integration and systematization, changing the practice that traditional CAD software only carries out partial aided design of products, showing the feature and style of integrated systematized aided design. Current aided design of injection mold constitutes a whole relative entirety. So, UG software adopts relative top-down deisgn, using design parameters of general planning and relative variables or parameters of variable parts as connection link, combining design criteria and professional norms of products, integrating the general planning and parts into an organic entirety. 

In particular, it should be pointed out that UG software adopts general layout of stereogram, spreadsheet and wholly related visual editor technology of three-dimensional model. When parameter of overall plan or overall variables change, other related parts also change relatively and automatically based on design criteria and technical regulations of products. Meanwhile, WAVE technology of UG software is extremely convenient for design and development of products, highly improving quick reaction capability of designers, effectively improving raising design quality and level of injection mold.

In the development of modern household appliances and light industrial products, they not only require geometric solid modeling, but also require plenty of free form features. For composite modeling technology based on variational geometry and parameter design, US software can fully meet various demands of different users. Especially, UG software has the module such as surface modeling of solid modeling (EREEFORMMODELING), which cannot only provide abundant surface construction means and top-ranking algorithm of solid modeling, but also provide effective inspection, assessment, trimming and editing functions. It makes designer use dynamic navigation and dynamic drag or other tools, directly carrying out inspection and assessment for hook surface, combining with highlight, contour line, slope and curvature. The hook surface constructed by UG software is based on NURBS technology and it is parameterized. It is more convenient for modification and perfection.

In addition, UG software also provides nearly 20 kinds of modeling methods to bridge surface with limitation. What is remarkable that UG software supplies composite modeling technology to married operation of surface and entity, so that designers can extract factors from entity and closed surface can be used for further processing of entity. The feature of these technologies that just only working out errors for once, the maximum substitution error can be worked out.

Application of UG Software in Injection Mold
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