Chromeplate Used for Large Mould of Auto
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With auto industry developing, stamping materials used for auto industry are constantly developing into high strength and lightweight. Therefore, it comes up with new challenge to the mould of auto.

As a kind of metals having high strength, chrome has already been applied in electroplating of large mould of auto. 

Chromeplate is mainly used for mould of large automobile cover mould and heat treatment on surface of mould having deeper drawing depth, heat treatment on surface of attached parts of auto stamping mould, heat treatment on surface of mould used for forging and casting. It aims to improve wearing resistance, smoothness and corrosion resistance of mould. 

During high speed and high pressure stamping operation, mould causes high friction with parts. Due to high friction, abrasion and burnout easily occur on mould and materials, increasing repair rate and rejection rate of products. Chromeplate can highly improve wearing resistance, maintaining steady precision of mould and significantly improving production efficiency. 

Advantages of chromeplate:
1. Improve hardness, wearing resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature oxidation resistance on surface of mould;
2. Reduce bad spots caused by dusts and particles;
3. Improve antifriction on surface of mould, raising production efficiency;
4. Dealt with through chromeplate, the mould can reach or exceed performance indexes of cemented carbide, which not only can significantly reduce cost of materials, but also can simplify processing and heat treatment of mould, decreasing cost of production;
5. Simply mould repair, reducing maintenance man-hours;
6. Decrease the usage of drawing oil;
7. Decrease rejection ratio of products, reducing repair hours and cost;
8. Improve grade and additional value of mould;
9. Increase service life of mould and protect mould efficiently.

Chromeplate can change surface and tissue of mould so that mould can have internal toughness, hard surface, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance and cementation resistance. The service life of mould can be improved by several time or even dozens of times. Compared with total coast of mould manufacturing, the cost of chromeplate is lower and it has good economic value.    
Chromeplate Used for Large Mould of Auto
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