Development Tendency of Plastic Industry in East China
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As the largest plastic product manufacturer and consumer, east coast region including East China (Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian, Jiangxi, Shandong and Shanghai) makes great contribution to plastic industry in China. East China is the great plastic market having largest energy and development potential. 

Distribution of regional scale
In 2015, accumulative total yield of plastic products in China was 75.608 million tons, growing by 0.95% year-to-year. Production scale of five provinces in East China (Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Fujian and Anhui) ranked the top in China. Total yield was 30.235 million tons in 2015, growing by 2.7% year to year and accounting for 40.1% in China. East China is the most developed region of plastic products in China. Among that, the yield in Zhejiang was 10.412 million tons. The scale still ranked the top in China although it slightly reduced by 0.96% year to year. 

As the kingdom of Chinese plastic products, Taizhou, Zhejiang is the largest production base and distribution of plastic products in China. There are more 10,000 plastic product manufacturers and more than 200,000 employed persons in Taizhou. The annual yield of plastic products and accessories in Taizhou is more than 4 million tons. Market share of one-time injection syringe, one-time infusion set and daily plastic products rank the first in China. Main plastic accessories of electric bicycle account for more than 80% of market share in China. The annual output of accessories is more than 3 million sets, ranking the first in Zhejiang and accounting for 1/10 of Chinese market.

At present, plastic industry in Taizhou has already respectively formed daily plastic products production base, medical plastic package production base, shoe base, sunhat production base, PVB manufacturing base and other massive economic models.

Industry scale of plastic products in Shanghai is smaller. The output accounts for only 2.4% in China. Influenced by depth adjustment of industrial structure in Shanghai, the scale will be reduced further. In 2015, cumulative production in Shanghai was 1.628 million tons, decreased by 10.7% year to year while profit was increased by 10.8%. With product structure adjustment and industrial gradient transferring deepening, developing priority of plastic industry in Shanghai has been gradually transferred to new plastic materials focusing on matched high-tech, such as engineering plastics and modified plastics having high additional value applied in auto, electronic and other high-end industries. But low-end plastic products having high output and wide application are decreased annually.

Plastic film manufacturing industry
In terms of sub-industry, plastic film manufacturing still has the highest growth rate in East China. In 2015, output of plastic film in East china was 7.485 million tons, growing by 2.9%, taking for more than half of national market share and reaching 57.1%. Among that, output in Zhejiang was 3.615 million tons in 2015. Zhejiang is still the region having highest output of plastic film in China, accounting for 27.5% though the output is slightly decreased by 0.3%. Shandong is the region having largest plastic film scale. The output was 480 thousand tons, growing by 11.6% year to year and accounting for 20.9% in China.

Artificial or synthetic leather manufacturing 
In 2015, total output of artificial or synthetic leather was 2.676 million tons, decreasing by 6.9% year to year, accounting for 78% in China and exceeding three quarters of scale. Zhejiang and Fujian are the two regions having the highest output of artificial or synthetic leather. The output was 1.104 million tons and 1.012 million tons. Total output in two regions accounted for more that 60% nationwide.

In recent years, influenced by macro economy, the output of artificial or synthetic leather decreases slightly, while the industry still has the highest growth rate in East China.

As the capital of synthetic leather, Wenzhou, Zhejiang is the largest synthetic leather production in China even around the world. Having been developed for more than 20 years, Wenzhou has already formed light industry cluster whose annual output reaching 130 billion RMB as synthetic leather as link. Total output, industry scale, equipment level and resource allocation rank the first in China.

Development tendency of plastic industry
During The 13th-Five-Year Plan, China will enter into a key period that fully constructing innovative state, which will accelerate transferring economic development mode. Cultivating new economic growth point and new competitive edge will also become priority in East China during The 13th-Five-Year Plan, as the principal region of Chinese plastic industry. The plastic industry in East China will focus developing into auto, medical apparatus and instruments, electronic products and other downstream hot applications having high additional value.

For the developing of auto materials in recent years, auto plastic in East China should hold the following development tendencies:
1. Application of plastic in auto should be expanded from interior trim parts to exterior trimming parts, car body and structural parts. The future emphasis is to develop structural parts and exterior trimming parts. 
2. The application of plastic also should be expanded from common plastic or normal engineering plastic to fiber reinforced composites or plastic alloys having higher strength and heat resistance. 
3. When matching with traditional auto, matching with new energy auto also should be focused. New energy auto has higher requirements for the light weight of car body. Carbon fiber reinforced polymer(CFRP) can take place of metal materials in car body, loading parts and covering parts, highly reduced the weight of car body. 
4. With environmental awareness enhancing, auto plastic will also be promoted to develop into recoverability. Therefore, recoverability will also be the emphasis and research direction in the future. 

Zhejiang is always the main production of Chinese medical plastic products. The output of one-time injection syringe and fusion apparatus ranks the first in China. The development of medical plastic products in East China should hold the following aspects:
1. Develop from plastic products having relatively low technical content such as syringe, catheter or drainage bag and container to advanced complicated integrated medical apparatus and instruments such as counter of insulin, dialyzer, artificial heart-lung machine, ultrasonic atomizer and medical X-ray generator, including intervention catheter used for precise cardiovascular, auxiliary device of artificial heat and artificial blood vessel. 
2. The application of plastic materials should be expanded from general plastics including PVC, polyethylene and polypropylene to engineering plastics or special engineering plastics having excellent properties. The plastic should meet the requirement that have no toxicity or carcinogenicity; cannot cause anaphylaxis or interfere immunity mechanism of body; the materials implanted into body should have good biocompatibility; materials contacting with blood should have anticoagulation; the materials cannot deform after being disinfected.    
3. Larges complicated medical equipment used in hospital is developing into small, multi-functional, home health caring medical equipment.

East China is also one of the regions having the largest output of electronic products and matched plastic products in China. Plastic parts are indispensable constituent parts for electronic products. Promoted by vigorous electronic industry, plastic products have wide market prospect.
Development Tendency of Plastic Industry in East China
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