Four Developing Trends of Chinese Plastic Companies
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1. Industrialization
The development and manufacturing of Mold focuses more on satisfying the needs of customers in every industry based on the different features. For example, the plastic mold of auto industry, the owners take the deformation of workpiece of customers seriously and put more effort on the research and development, adopt product structure optimization and CAE simulation analysis to solve the problems of deformation of workpiece, and greatly improve the customers satisfaction.

2. Intellectualization
The intellectualization of mold can offer the best experience for its users. The companies which take part in an exhibition have a big breakthrough in technical development and application. Like mold cavity pressure, Plastic temperature sensing feedback technologies, which can show the information in the black box of the mold and provide the real plastic flow data for its intelligent production. Mold production information management technology can transfer to the cloud server on internet by the information of location and manufacturing getting from sensor module of mold. You can manage the mold by data analysis system.

3. Variation
Plastic mold companies are no longer satisfy the homogenization of mature mold technology, but attach importance to the different needs of customers. The transfer custom mold technology which take part in an exhibition can provide personalized production appearance and make one set of mold produce various types come true; offer different mold technology for users. Like bi-plastic and highlights, which are more and more widely used.

4. Internationalization
Mold enterprises have become more and more international, many owners introduce absorb the mold technology from developed countries by receiving international orders. For example, Six layers blow molding technology of oil tank, which was invested over 4 million by Chinese company. The blow molding device is custom-made and can reach the level of the same kind in France.
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