Global Plastic Injection Market Will Grow
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By 2020, global plastic injection market will reach 162 billion dollars. Polypropylene market will continue taking the lead position on plastic injection market in 2020. Most growth of plastic injection market will mainly come from the demands of packaging industry for the materials. Besides, the increasing demands in other application in other industry including auto, packaging, electronic products and daily consumer products, construction and medical field will further promote growth ability of plastic injection market. However, fluctuation of oil price and high initial processing cost of plastic injection molding will be the obstruction for the whole market growing.

The data showed that polypropylene market offered 51% of market income for the whole plastic injection market. Its features such as heat resistiveness, expediting setting, wearing resistance and high surface gloss are the main factors that the material occupies the dominant position on plastic injection market. Moreover, ABS had already widely been used for auto, construction, consumer products and electric industry. It is estimated that the material will become the fastest growing part on the market. Annual rate of increase will reach 6.8%. Besides, from 2014 to 2020, packaging industry will still occupy the dominant position on market. Because of packaging is more and more applied in consumer products and health products. Medical field is the industry which has the highest growth rate. Due to the usage of infusion tube, test equipment and other medical instruments increasing promotes relative demands to grow.

North America and Europe are the two regions having the highest demands for plastic injection market which took up 66% of market share. North America and Europe are always holding dominant position on plastic injection market for highly development of packaging and auto in two regions. What’s more, Asian-Pacific region will become one of the regions having the highest growth rate in auto, medical field, consumer products and semiconductor industry, which will provide profitable growth opportunity for plastic injection market. Furthermore, according to consumption and income of plastic injection, China, Japan and India are the main market in the region. Plastic injection industry is showing the trend of fast transfer. Meanwhile, the industry devotes itself to improving the quality of products for maintaining competitiveness.
Global Plastic Injection Market Will Grow
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