Mold Technologies for Plastic Injection Molding
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Several mold technologies can be used for plastic injection molding.
Stack Molds
Some applications require high part volume in a limited foot-print for press constraints and costs-to-manufacture low. For this, two-face stack mold might be the ideal solution to meet manufacturing requirements.

Unscrewing Molds
If threads on a molded piece are too aggressive to strip, a mechanical screwing mechanism is ideal for unscrewing and ejecting the part. Mount a hydraulic cylinder on a super structure, then, the piston pushes racks down through the mold. Interfacing with gears on the cores and along with a set of bearings, these racks allow the cores to turn and unscrew from the part while it is ejecting. Another option is to utilize a power screw. The cores have a high helical thread cut into them and a plate with a ‘nut’ moves forward forcing the core to spin.

Spin Stack Molds
Spin stack molding technology includes multiple operations in a rotating, four-face cube mold decorating/labeling, assembly and other “secondary” in-mold operations, reducing manufacturing costs, shaving production times by 30%, improving quality and yielding fully assembled parts right from the mold. Spin stack molding not only can snap liquid container top onto a tamper-evident cap, but also can close a cop or base connected through its butterfly neck or living hinge. A post-mold operation is taken place by in-mold assembly.

In-Mold Technology
In-mold technologies include in-mold closing of closures with living hinges, and in-mold assembly. In-mould labeling uses paper or plastic labels during the manufacturing of containers by blow molding, injection molding, or thermoforming processes, serving as the integral part of final product, which is then delivered as pre-decorated item. Combining the decoration process, in-mould technologies cannot only reduce manufacturing costs, but also improve quality and differentiate brand. 

Multi-Material/Two Shot
Multi-material and two shot can reduce time and save money. Two-shot simplifies the production process with higher quality fabrication and eliminate secondary operations, improving integrity of the product and enhancing product features and appeal, tactile, ergonomic, cosmetic.
Mold Technologies for Plastic Injection Molding
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