Plastic Mold Industry Facing With Six Problems
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Nowadays, technological level of mold has already become one of symbols to measure manufacturing level in a nation, because, mold greatly has influences on quality of product, benefit and development capability of new products.

For good international and domestic macro-environment, the main using industries of plastic mold in China still maintain their high development and plastic mold will also constantly develop quickly.

In China, plastic mold is developing with plastic industry. Development of plastic products requires that plastic mold also should develop. Auto, household appliances, office supplies, industrial electrical equipment, building materials, electrocommunication, those main using industries of plastic mold are always operating at a high speed and developing rapidly in recent years. So, plastic mold is also highly developing. 

Currently, existing main problems can be gradually figured out through home and abroad communication and cooperation, joint efforts of the whole industry and common supports from every aspect. However, compared with abroad advanced level, Chinese plastic mold industry is still facing with six problems:

1. Unbalanced development and lower level of products.
Products supplied by some enterprises have already reached to quite high level and parts of products supplied by some enterprises have already reached or approached to international level. However, in general, precision of mold, surface roughness of cavity, production cycle, service life and other indicators have larger gap, compared with abroad advanced level. The overall level including mode of production and business management still fall behind than developed countries by more than 10 years.

2. Backward technological equipment and poor ability to organize and coordinate.
Although some enterprises have carried out technical transformation in recent years and level of technological equipment has already been more advanced, technological equipment of most of enterprises is still backward. What is more important that enterprises have poor ability to organize and coordinate which cannot effort to integrate or transfer social resources for their own purposes, so that they cannot undertake larger project.

3. Most of enterprises have poor development abilities.
On the one hand, technicians have lower proportion and level, on the other hand, enterprises have less investment on research and development. What’s more, enterprises have outdated concept, paying less attention to development.

4. Backward management is more serious then backward technology.
Backward technology can be seen obviously while backward management cannot be realized easily. There is an obvious gas between Chinese mold manufacturers and abroad mold manufacturers on business management. Problems caused by gap on management are more serious than the gap on technology.

5. Exuberant demands exist on market and the production cannot catch up temporarily.    
Contradiction between supply and demand cannot be figured out in short time. The situation that demand exceeds supply will be maintained for a period of time. Particularly, contradiction on high-end products will be more highlight.

6. Solution on system and talents still needs time. 
In socialist market economy, during economic globalization, competitive industries especially depending on special customers like mold need enterprises which can make to order. The current system and operational mechanism in most of enterprises cannot adapt to versatile market. Quality and quantity of talents cannot catch up with the high development in industry. Although everyone is trying their effort to figure out two problems, it still needs time.
Plastic Mold Industry Facing With Six Problems
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