Rapid Growth of Plastic's Application in Automotive Field
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At present, plastics used for autos account for eight to ten percent of total plastics consumption. The average plastics consumption of industrially developed countries increase from 100 to 130 kilograms in the 1990s to 174 kg in 2006 (accounting for 9.1% of vehicles' weight). The amount of plastics used in European autos is 10 to 14 percent, and the average plastics which are used for autos are 100 to 200 kilograms per vehicle. High oil prices make people use more plastic so as to reduce weights of vehicles' bodies and to improve fuel efficiency.

Plastics which are used for modern vehicles include PP, PVC, ABS, PA, etc. Resin is in great demand, and the demand for PVB takes up over 85% of the total demand.

PP is the most commonly used plastic for autos with an annual application's growth rate of 2.2 to 2.8 percent. The average plastic which is used for autos is expected to reach 500kg per vehicle in developed countries in 2020. Now, domestic PP consumption for autos accounts for about 40%, followed by PU, ABS, PVC and PE.

Consumption of PP is 40 to 80 kilograms per vehicle. For example, the body weight of Volkswagen (VW) 2005 is 1429kg; steel covers 52%; aluminum 13%, liquid 4%, glass 2%, plastic 14%. Among these materials, the amount of PP is 73KG; polyurethane 27KG, nylon 25KG, PE 16KG and ABS 15KG.

Most of the automotive plastic parts can be recycled
Plastic recycling industry provides a channel for rural economic growth, employment of rural surplus labor force and increased income. It also makes a great contribution to resource recycling and environmental protection, which is an important part of environmental protection industry and circular economy.

The status and role of plastic recycling in the national economy: First, it is an effective way to relieve the shortage of resources; second, it is a good way to reuse materials instead of replacing the original materials with new ones; third, it is important for developing circular economy and protecting environment; fourth, it is an environment friendly sunrise industry which benefits China and Chinese people, and it also has a wide application and a great development potential.

China's auto industry is one of the important pillar industries of the national economy. From the manufacturing to the raw materials, auxiliary materials, the overall level of processing equipment and technology and the development & application's depth and breadth of plastic products, the plastic production of auto parts has ranked top in the world and has made a remarkable achievement since the twenty-first century. China' auto industry makes a great historical leap, and we need a number of high-quality plastic auto parts, especially after the coming out of automotive industrial planning. Therefore, automotive plastics have a great development prospect.

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