Seven Constituent Parts of Injection Mold
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According to using functions, basic structure of injection mold can be divided into molding part, gating system, guide mechanism, ejection device, side parting and core pulling structure, cooling and heating system and exhaust system, the seven parts.

1. Molding part
Molding part refers to the components of mold cavity, mainly including: punch pin, die, core, molding pin, molding ring and insert. 

2. Gating system
It is the flow path of plastic from nozzle of injection molding machine to cavity. Common gating system consists of main runner, sub-runner, sprue and cold slug well.

3. Guide mechanism
In plastic mold, positioning and guiding suffers from the impact of lateral pressure, ensuring precise spotting of moving and fixing die. Guide mechanism consists of guide pillar, guide sleeve or guide hole (on template) and locating cone.

4. Ejection system
Ejection system is used to eject the parts out of mold, consisting of kicker pin, ejector plate, dead plate, return pin and sprue puller.

5. Side parting and core pulling structure
The structure is used to trip out lateral punch pin or extract lateral core, generally including angle pin, dog-leg cam, oblique guide, wedge lock, angled-lift splits, chute, pinion and rack.

6. Cooling and heating system
It is used to adjust technological temperatures of mold, consisting of cooling system (cooling water pore, cooling water channel and copper pipe) and heating system. 

7. Exhaust system
It is used to exhaust the gas inside cavity, mainly consisting of air discharge duct and fit clearance.
Seven Constituent Parts of Injection Mold 
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