Seven Major Components of Injection Molds
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An injection mold is a kind of tool for manufacturing plastic products. It is also the tool that endows plastic products with complete structures and precise sizes. An injection molding is a kind of processing method which is used in mass production of parts with complex shapes. It specifically refers to the process that injection molding machines inject the melted plastic into the mold cavities by pressure, forming the molded products after cooling and solidifying them.

The Applications of Injection Molds
Injection molds are important facilities for producing various industrial products. With the rapid development of plastic industry, plastic products are widely used in industrial sectors such as aviation, aerospace, electronics, machinery, shipping, automobile, etc.

Injection Mold Components
According to the functions, the basic structure of the injection molds is divided into seven parts: molding parts, pouring systems, guiding mechanisms, ejector systems, side partings and core pulling mechanisms, cooling and heating systems and exhaust systems. Among these parts, pouring systems and molding parts are the most complicated parts with the greatest changes and the highest requirements of finish and precision, directly contacting with the plastic and changing along with the plastic and its products.

1. Molding parts refers to the parts that make up the mold cavities. They are mainly punches, cavities, mold cores, molding pins, molding rings, inserts.

2. Pouring system refers to the plastic flow path from injection molding machine nozzles to the mold cavities in the molds. Ordinary pouring systems are composed of main runners, sub-runners, pouring gates, cold slug wells, and so on.

3. Guiding mechanisms mainly play roles of positioning, guidance and bearing a certain side pressure, in order to ensure the accuracy of moving dies, fixed dies and compound dies. Guiding mechanisms of compound dies consist of guide posts, guide sleeves or guide holes, positioning cone-shaped surfaces, etc.

4. Ejector systems are mainly used for pushing out the workpieces from the molds, which consist of ejector pins or knock out plates, ejector plates, retaining plates, return pins, sprue pullers, etc.

5. Side partings and core pulling mechanisms. 

6. Cooling and heating systems.

7. Exhaust systems.

Injection Molding
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