Usage of Auto Improving New Plastic Injection Molding
Posted: 12/28/2015 03:35:44  Hits: 112
In recent years, the improvement of living standard raises usage of auto and the new demands in auto promotes the new plastic injection molding technology to develop.

Plastic injection industry benefits from the high application of auto, especially current trend of light weight developing. Because of auto developing to energy conservation further, plastic has become one of the most important materials for auto. Most of plastic products are formed by plastic extruding machine. 

For plastic extruding machine, the technology is developing gradually. Plastic extruding machine has two development directions: one is becoming larger and larger; the other one is improving precision on current scale. 

In the aspect of computer simulation, flowing simulation method is maturing gradually. Except for flowing, computer also can simulate other aspects, such as temperature. The technology that plastic extruding machine uses computer simulation technology is developing increasingly, including polymer alloy. The technology of plastic extruding machine is also developing, from hydraulic to electric. Besides energy consumption reducing, controlled by electron, maintainability is also improved and the machine also can manufacture beautiful products which are used in medical treatment and other industries. 

With requirements of auto for plastic styles growing increasingly, plastic injection molding technology is also improving. At present, plastic injection molding technology which can manufacture complicated products has already came out. The technology is called as DSI process, using Nyhon6 as raw material, which also can reduce cost.  
Usage of Auto Improving New Plastic Injection Molding
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