Quality Control
Incomparable Quality Assurance System
Offers Unparalleled Quality Assurance

We work together with our customers to identify critical characteristics, helping us develop and customize a product plan to meet your requirements. Identifying key quality criteria in each project is an important element that we examine in great detail before your mold goes into production. Material selection, dimensional tolerances, physical and mechanical properties, as well as end user expectations taken into consideration – numerous elements are factored in to achieve manufacturing excellence.

For over 10 years of experience with our creative approach to problem solving, we can manufacture complex components and assemblies economically, which still meet your strict requirements to achieve “zero defect” levels that is also we striving for. 

From materials incoming to finished product out-going, quality control process has been fully implemented to ensure lower re-work rate, lower wastage, higher efficiency, short delivery term. All mold steel or resin we used is strictly following customers' quality requirements. We provide steel measurement inspection, first article inspection and full measurement reports.

Offers Unparalleled Quality Assurance

Quality Control Equipment List
Brown and Sharpe CMM   Model 07.07.05 (CNC) (Adjusts to temperature variations)
PC Dmis Software,V-4.3
Datapage/RT Software V-3.33
Renishaw PH10 Probe Head (720 Positions)
28X x 26Y x 18Z
Deltronics DVC-120 Video
  6" x 12"
14" Color Video Monitor
Display Monitor
Quality Control Equipment List  
Deltronics MPC-5 Optical Comparator
Unitron ZSB Microscope
NWA QAS Version 5.1 SPC Software
Vision Inspection System
Mitutoyo SJ-201 Surface Profilometer

Offers Unparalleled Quality Assurance
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