Secondary Services

Besides molding capabilities, we also provide value-added secondary services, including painting, plastic parts assembly, and finishing. Secondary services promote your products to market faster, which saves time and positively affects your bottom-line profitability. 

These secondary services enable us to provide a single resource for high quality injection molding, painting plastic parts, finishing processes, and streamlined plastic parts assembly and sub-assembly. 

We have equipment for virtually any required secondary operation. Many of these capabilities are offered at each of our molding facilities, as well as at our dedicated finishing and painting plants.

Plastic products are made out by using cold die casting. If customers purchase injection mold in China and do not export molds to abroad, they need secondary services in China (Secondary services require higher labor cost in the Western). For this, EX Mould not only provides plastic manufacturing service, but also provides secondary service of plastic products, to meet the customers’ requirements for one-stop purchase.

Why are most of injection molds exported to abroad? The main reason is cost. Plastic products can be directly used, less demanding secondary services. And all of automatic high injection molds are made automatically in the Western. Die casting parts cannot be directly used, which require after treatment. So, we also provide polishing, electroplating, borehole, tapping and other secondary processing. Few metal molds are exported. Another reason is that metal molds have pollution to environment. The export is strictly limited in developed countries. 

Mold Secondary Services
As the picture showing, screw in the middle of product is added artificially. Four nails inside mold are once shaping. Both of processes are secondary services.

Products Printing
Just as above picture, the red picture is printed on products afterward, which is also a kind of secondary services. 

Besides, handle on auto is electroplated into metal color finally, belonging to secondary services.

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