Keeping blow molds from falling over can be a challenging task, especially if you’re dealing with larger, top-heavy designs or if you plan to display them outdoors. A blow mold that topples over can suffer damage or even break, so it’s crucial to ensure they stay upright. Here is a detailed guide that walks you through various techniques to make sure your blow molds remain stable.

Importance of Keeping Blow Molds Upright

Keeping blow molds upright isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s also about safety and durability. A blow mold that falls over can get damaged, and sharp edges could emerge as a result. For molds displayed outdoors, there’s also the risk of them turning into projectiles in strong winds, posing a hazard to people and property.

how to keep blow molds from falling over

Assess the Situation: Indoor vs. Outdoor

Before you proceed, evaluate where you’ll be displaying the blow molds. Indoor displays usually require less stabilization than outdoor settings. For outdoors, consider factors like wind speed, ground type, and weather conditions.

Basic Methods for Indoor Display

Use a Flat Surface

Ensure that the surface on which you’re placing the blow mold is flat. An uneven surface makes it easier for the mold to tip over.

Apply Non-Slip Mats

Place non-slip mats beneath the blow mold to give it extra grip. These mats are available in various sizes and can be cut to fit the base of your mold.

Wall Support

If the blow mold is next to a wall, you can use discreet clear fishing line to tie it to a wall anchor. Make sure to tighten the line so that the blow mold leans slightly against the wall.

Advanced Methods for Indoor Display

Weight the Base

If the blow mold has a hollow base, consider filling it with a weighted material like sand or small rocks. Make sure to seal the base properly after filling it.

Use Anchor Points

Some high-end blow molds come with anchor points built into the design. If yours has this feature, use strong cords to tie these points to a fixed object like a wall hook.

Basic Methods for Outdoor Display

Ground Stakes

For soft ground like soil or grass, use ground stakes to anchor the blow molds. Push the stakes through the hollow base and into the ground until secure.

Use Sandbags

On harder surfaces, sandbags can provide excellent stabilization. Place them around the base, making sure they’re large enough to resist wind but not too large to be unsightly.

Advanced Methods for Outdoor Display

Create a Wind Barrier

If you’re displaying multiple blow molds, arrange them in a way that they shield each other from the wind. You can also use other objects like fences or walls as wind barriers.

Anchor to Fixed Objects

When available, use nearby fixed objects like trees or posts to anchor your blow molds. Use strong ropes or bungee cords for this purpose.

Use Base Weights and Cords

For blow molds with a broader base, consider attaching additional weights. You can also use cords to tie the weights to the ground, offering extra stabilization.

DIY Solutions

Create Your Own Anchoring System

If you’re good at DIY projects, consider creating your own anchoring system using PVC pipes or wooden planks. Make sure to measure twice and cut once!

Combine Methods

Sometimes, one method might not be enough. Feel free to combine two or more stabilization methods for extra security.

Maintenance and Checks

Regularly check the stability of your blow molds, especially if they’re outdoors. Weather conditions can change, and an anchoring system that worked yesterday might not be effective today. Also, examine the ropes, cords, and anchor points for any signs of wear and tear.

Safety Precautions

Always make sure to follow safety guidelines when setting up your blow molds. This includes using gloves when handling sharp objects and keeping children and pets away from the setup area until it’s secure.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your blow molds from falling over requires some thought and planning, but it’s worth the effort to protect your investment and ensure everyone’s safety. Whether you’re displaying them indoors or outdoors, various methods ranging from simple to advanced can help you keep your blow molds stable and upright. Always remember, regular maintenance checks are your best friend in ensuring long-term stability.

how to keep blow molds from falling over


Can I use household items to stabilize my blow molds indoors?

Yes! For indoor stabilization, you can use books, weighted bags, or even small furniture pieces to anchor the base. Non-slip mats under the blow mold also provide extra grip on smooth surfaces like tile or hardwood floors.

How effective are ground stakes for outdoor blow molds?

Ground stakes work well if you’re placing the blow molds on soft ground like soil or grass. They anchor the mold into the earth, providing excellent stability against wind. Make sure the stakes go deep enough to hold the mold securely.

Can I use sandbags to stabilize blow molds on hard surfaces outdoors?

Yes, sandbags serve as excellent weights for outdoor hard surfaces like patios or driveways. Place the bags around the base of the blow mold, ensuring they’re heavy enough to withstand the wind. You can cover them with decorative fabric to blend them into your display.

How can I ensure long-term stability for my blow molds?

For long-term stability, especially for outdoor displays, consider combining multiple methods. Use ground stakes with additional sandbags or tie the molds to fixed objects like trees or fence posts. Check the setup regularly to make sure everything remains secure.

Are there any safety concerns I should be aware of when stabilizing blow molds?

Yes! Always use gloves to protect your hands when using tools or handling heavy objects. If you’re using ropes or cords, make sure they are strong enough to hold the weight and withstand weather conditions. Keep children and pets away from the setup area until you secure everything.