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Founded in 2006, EX MOULD Co., LIMITED Ltd’s the industry leading supplier of custom Injection Moulding from China! With over 10 years experience in manufacturing Plastic Molded Products, we provide professional Plastic Injection Mold Service from consulting, designing, prototyping, to producing, being one of the top-grade injection mold makers and manufacturers for a wide range of industries. Our injection molding process involves top-class and commercial-grade plastic end-use molded parts, custom prototypes, rapid injection molds and more, while cost and time-efficient low or mass volume production are always be provided to customers around the world! Send us your drawings and inquiry now, we will give back you 100% quality guaranteed injection molds!


Rely on our multiple advanced machines and equipments, experienced design engineer, machinists and skilled workers, we are able to offer you the widest range of custom Injection Molding service, including Clod Runner Mold, Hot Runner Mold, Insert Mold, Epoxy Mold, Silicone Mold, Blow Mold, Resin Mold and more, also wide variety of certified materials (PLA, ABS, Nylon, PVC, Poly, Carbon Fiber, LDPE, PTFE etc.) and surface finishes are available to meet your special requirements and demands.

  • Professional TeamWhether injection mold design or prototype, our specialized moulding team can help you.  


  • Quality Craftsman shipTrained machinists, advanced equipments, certifications ensure injection molds are crafted carefully.  


  • Customized ProductionLow or mass volume production, we’ll turn your design into fully rapid injection molding.  


  • Cost EfficientCompetitive price, rapid injection molding with low overhead, great added value to customers  


What is Plastic Injection Molds?  



Injection molds are refers to the tooling for producing a wide variety of plastic parts. By injecting molten materials into a plastic mold to give plastic products complete structure and precise dimensions, thus plastic components are created and manufactured quickly, from plastic trinkets and toys to automotive body parts, cell phone cases, water bottles, containers and essentially many of the plastic parts that we use in every-day life. So plastic injection molding company needs high-quality plastic moldings to speed up your market you still need to make plastic molds. To achieve the flexibility in shape and size, there are many types of injection mould and tooling are designed and created, such as Hot Runner Mold, Cold Runner Mold, Blow Mold, Insert Mold, Circle Mold, Carbon Fiber Mold, Resin Mold, Silicone Mold, Over Mold and more.

our manufacturing filds  


  • Plastic Injection Molding

    From single-function prototype injection molding, professional and complex aluminum metal injection mold design and manufacturing, to the production of small and high volume injection molded products and foundry manufacturing, GMB offers high-end diversified injection mold processes and services.

  • Injection Molds and Tooling

    Our experienced injection mold design team has been designing and manufacturing the best metal molds and production tools for plastic injection molding companies in various industries to help customers achieve high-speed, high-quality production in their markets.

  • Injection Molded Plastic Products

    With extensive experience in the injection of complex parts requiring high precision and high precision, GMB offers a wide range of sizes and types of plastic injection molded parts and foundry manufacturing, such as daily necessities, medical and automotive parts.

  • Plastic Injection Mold Technique

    Depends on the part geometry, tool design, production volumes and budget, a variety types of injection molds can be designed and manufactured to suit the different injection molding process needs of the customer, including the cold runner, hot runner, insert, blow mold, etc.


We’re proud to be one of the fastest growing Plastic Injection Mould supplier in China, have been provided top grade Injection Molds for many famous large enterprises, even entered the global market, our plastic molding products received the favor of customers from European and American countries. EX MOULD Co., Ltd is the place to go when you need a reliable molding supplier for manufacturing services. We are responsive to your ongoing requirements, look forward to earning your business and becoming your source for Injection Molding!


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