Carbon Fiber & What Is Carbon Fiber Mould

Carbon fiber is a new type of fiber material with high strength and high modulus with carbon content over 95%. Has features of corrosion resistance, high modulus good fatigue resistance, small coefficient of thermal expansion and good thermal conductivity. The carbon fiber can be injection moulded. The carbon fiber mold is applicable to the process and products with carbon fiber as raw material and solid plastic resin. It is mainly used in the fields of aviation, machinery, automobile, medical equipment, petrochemical industry, and even aerospace.

Carbon fiber mould manufacturing method:
  • Mold opening (surface finish Mirror Standard)
  • Apply release agent
  • Brush resin, lay carbon fiber cloth and cure
  • Mold lifting
  • Processing, polishing and polishing
Carbon Fiber Molds
Injection Carbon Fiber Molding Materials

Resin transfer molding process adopts low-pressure molding. FRP mold, aluminum mold, epoxy mold or wood mold can be selected in the environment of low-pressure injection. However, in the process of high-temperature curing, molds made of carbon fiber materials are easy to produce large precision difference under high-temperature and high-pressure. Stainless steel mold is the best choice to ensure the design precision.

Requirements of carbon fiber material products for injection mold processing:
  • Due to the need of resin injection, the mold needs to have injection port and exhaust port, which can achieve overall sealing. In the process of resin injection molding, there should be no air leakage, especially in the case of vacuum liposuction, the sealing of the mold directly affects the quality of carbon fiber mold products.
  • It is designed with up and down mold guiding and positioning device, mold locking mechanism and product demoulding mechanism.
  • The mold cavity size is accurate, the upper and lower molds match accurately, and the mold surface has high surface accuracy.
  • It has enough strength and rigidity, and does not deform under the injection pressure.
  • There is a certain heating device, which can heat the mold to a certain temperature (60-120 ℃), the mold surface temperature is evenly distributed, and the temperature can be checked and adjusted.

Carbon Fiber Molds

  • Features Of Our Plastic Parts Carbon Fiber Injection Molding

    – High mechanical strength
    – High softening temperature
    – High dimensional accuracy and stability
    – Pure material, no environmental pollution

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Carbon Fiber Molds
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