Bumper Moldings – Plastic Injection Molded Bumper

Automotive plastic front and rear bumpers are both safety and decorative parts. Bumper Molding’s structural design is not only closely related to the safety of the vehicle, but also affects the texture. With the development of society, cars play an increasingly important role in the lives of modern people. Auto bumper moldings also have been on the road of innovation, which are integrated into aesthetics, energy absorption, light weight and low cost, high performance and fuel.

bumper moldings
Profitable Top Class Injection Molding – Plastic Injection Moulded Bumper Trim & Guard

PlasticInjiectionMould.com carries high quality but cost-effective plastic and polyurethane Bumper moldings that can be shaped and formed to fit any vehicle. Our plastic bumper trim exterior molding and other automotive rubber bumper moldings are available in various shapes, sizes, finishes, and are made from the highest quality materials under the strictest of quality controls. EX MOULD CO., LIMITED offers the most professional bumper moulding for swift at the best price in global, can be your best bumper moldings manufacturer and supplier with over 10-year rich experiences in Plastic Injection Moulding Service!

bumper moldings
Benefits of our Bumper Moulding Service
  • Top quality and flexible Bumper Moldings at highly-competitive prices are 100% guaranteed.
  • Wide range of bumper moldings is available here, such as Plastic Bumper T-Molding, Rear/Front Bumper Cover Molding, Chrome Bumper Trim Molding.
  • A vary of top grade materials, shapes, types, sizes, finishes, molding ways for customers to choose from, to meet different using of bumper molds.
  • Proper edge to edge fitting, easy to fit and can be fit by yourself, enhance your car front look similar and even better than top model series.
  • Support customized OEM/ODM bumper molding service, develop a unique high-quality, low-cost production solution based on the customer’s actual situation.
  • From quotation, design, material selection, production, packaging, delivery, take every step of the bumper molding manufacturing seriously, relieve any worries of customers and establish a relaxed and pleasant cooperation.