Soft Plastic Molding Services & Soft Plastic Injection Molding

Soft plastics, contrary to hard plastic, generally refer to plastics that may be scrunched up or crumpled by hand, which can be processed again after injection molding. Soft plastic made from LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP and less other materials. Soft plastic molding is a plastic injection molding service for soft plastic molded parts fabrication with the soft plastic molds design.

What is soft plastic molding?

Soft plastic molding process is started with soft plastic heated in the barrel to make it melt to liquid state. Under the pressure of the injection screw, the soft plastic material is pushed to the nozzle, then through the nozzle, it is injected into the closed mold with a very high pressure and a low temperature, so that the material can return to solid state after cooling while maintaining the shape of the mold cavity, and the soft plastic molded products can be obtained by demoulding. In soft plastic injection molding process, some attributes should be taken into consideration, such as the injection temperature, injection pressure, injection speed and mold temperature.

Soft Plastic Molding
  • Benefits of Soft Plastic Materials

    – Durable and recyclable
    – Not easily broken
    – Lightweight
    – Good chemical stability
    – Good insulation
    – Corrosion resistance, impact resistance

Soft Plastic Molding
Soft Plastic Molds & Soft Plastic Molded Products

Soft plastic mold is a tool which is matched with injection molding machine in plastic processing industry and endows soft plastic products with complete configuration and accurate size. Because there are many kinds of plastics and processing methods, the structures of plastic molding machines and required soft plastic molded parts are also different, so there are numerous varying types and structures of soft plastic molds, generally, soft plastic product mould can be divided into plastic mould and non plastic mould. Soft plastic fishing bait mold is a popular mold for bait making.

Soft Plastic Molding/Moulding Service – Quality Soft Plastic Injection Molds & Molded Parts Manufacturer

Focusing on design and quality, developed the capability on mold design, mold making, and injection molding services. A large collection of soft plastic molds constructions and soft plastic molded products can be manufactured here with high standard, working with Plasticinjiectionmould, you can get the premium quality of custom soft plastic injection molds like soft plastic bait mold, soft plastic lure molds, etc., molded soft plastic parts, and accessories based on your demands, whether to set customized logo, shape, color or dimensions, our skilled injection soft plastic moulds engineers will provide professional advice for the soft plastic product. The typical available soft plastic types including PE, PMMA, PP, PS, PC, PU, Nylon, PVC, PET, Teflon, etc.

Soft Plastic Molding
  • Benefits of Our Soft Plastic Molding Service

    – Fast turnaround delivery time and high cost performance ratio.
    – Technical support and detailed suggestions from seasoned designers.
    – Soft plastic molds applications covers home appliances, automobiles, electronics, medical treatment, outdoor products, etc.
    – Multiple options of materials, structures, sizes and other customization aspects.
    – Clear and detailed mold plan after order confirmed, weekly process reports with the latest status and trial video can be provided.