Injection Molding Service for Medical Industry – Medical Molding

Since the injection molded plastic uses for medical equipment in a rising trend, medical plastic injection molding make significant sense in the industry, results in cost and risk reduction, safety improvement. Medical molding/moulding is a process for manufacturing the identical medical components with exact dimensions and tolerance, the medical injection molding service can realized the durability, flexibility, versatility and reliability of medical molds, high volume plastic injection molding medical parts project can be accomplished with good cost-efficiency and consistency. Medical grade plastic or polymers should have high molecular weight and corresponding chemical properties, frequently used plastic materials include Polycarbonate, PEEK, Ultem, PVC, PP, PE and more fibers and resins.

Medical Molding
Medical Molds, Medical Moulding – Medical Plastic Injection Molding Supplier

As a top injection molding service company in China, not only focus on medical molding process (medical injection molding, insert molding, stack molding, etc.) and plastic injection molding medical parts, but involves car molding, household appliances, electronics, communications, and other industries. No matter the design guidance, RP making, CNC prototyping, product analysis or inspection report for medical moulding, we are expert at handling these services. Our medical device plastics enter the production process after strict selection and consideration based on the medical components application. We are continuous developing medical molds techniques to meet the challenges of multiple changes in the future.

Medical Molding
Applications provides medical plastic injection molding parts for medical experiments, medical equipment, medical instruments, medical aids, clinical medical tools, etc., like implants, blades, needles, tubes and surgical instrument.


– Adaptability, functionality, consistency
– Chemical resistance, high wear, temperature resistant and corrosion resistant
– Increased safety and reduced risk
– Dimensional stability
– Moldable – Lightweight and cost-effective

Benefits of Our Plastic Medical Injection Molding

– A large selection of medical grade plastic for injection molds
– Professional engineers and skilled production team
– One-stop service from enquiry to delivery
– Quality control strictly and up-to-date molding project schedule

Medical Molding

Medical Molding