What problems need to be solved in automation of mold industry?


Mold is an effective tool for batch production of industrial products, which determines the quality, benefit and development ability of new products. Therefore, the level of mold production technology is an important symbol to measure the level of a country’s equipment manufacturing industry. It is also compared to the “aircraft carrier” of industrial production. In China, 75% of the rough processed industrial products and 50% of the finished parts are formed by molds, and the vast majority of plastic products are also formed by molds. In the past 10 years, China’s mold industry has been developing rapidly at an annual growth rate of 15%.

For a single set of mold manufacturing, ever-changing mold manufacturing, there are still some problems if you want to apply mold automatic production!


Now the automation boom in the mold industry is unstoppable. From the perspective of development, this is certainly a good thing. The mold industry really needs to eliminate some backward manual modes. However, if automation is used in the mold industry, don’t simply think that as long as you spend money on the most advanced automation technology, you can replace technicians to make high-quality molds. This is a big misunderstanding. Knowledgeable mold managers and senior managers can distinguish clearly. They are most afraid that the investment after a brain fever will return a pile of inoperable furnishings!


There are many problems in the mold workshop, mainly the problem of slow, from slow looking for things to slow processing to slow logistics, which can not be solved by automation. Automation is that after humans transfer the limited digitization of the knowledge system in the human brain to the computer, they are just very dull and do not perceive to complete a series of actions. Of course, they do not know the meaning and purpose of these actions. At this stage of automation, in fact, is rigid.


A mold factory that can operate normally must start with the man-machine material method measuring ring of 5M1E, and improve all aspects of problems step by step, including water, electricity, gas and liquid, cutting quantity card, logistics, design, process, plant planning, supply chain optimization, information management and so on. It is not too late to talk about automation after being solved by human brain.


After seeing many mold manufacturing factories, I think the profit of mold depends on two guarantees: the best design scheme and the best processing efficiency.


The efficient machining of typical single piece flow workpiece such as die has no inevitable relationship with automation. The core of automation is numerical control, and the core of numerical control is programming. Programming here includes the data generation and control of the whole process. The quantification of three-dimensional objects with high complexity, such as molds, and the huge data flow after quantification, follow the physical objects of the workpiece one by one according to the process sequence and quality requirements of mold processing, so as to achieve the satisfactory effect of human brain judgment. At this stage, it is absolutely impossible to complete the task.