Top 7 Plastic Surface Treatments: Electroplate, Laser Engraving, Conductive Paint & More

Nowadays, plastic products can be seen everywhere in our life, they can be produced by injection moulding process. But now people’s requirements for plastic products are not the same as before, as long as they are easy to use. The appearance should not only be beautiful, but also economical. That is to say, the focus of attention is gradually focused on the sex price ratio. Therefore, the surface treatment of plastic products plays an important role in the marketing of products. What are the surface treatment processes of plastic products?

The surface treatment of plastic is not an uncommon procedure in the industrial world. And the surface treatment process of plastic products is mainly through casing paint, electroplating, rubber paint, conductive paint, pearl powder, luminous paint, laser carving, chameleon. Here’s the brief introduction to them. 


Top 7 Plastic Surface Treatment Methods 

● Case Paint. The main effect of the casing paint is to make the plastic products look like metal. Many plastic products are very hard, and their hardness can even be compared with that of metal products. However, after this kind of paint is applied, it is no different from metal products.


● Electroplate. Usually, it is a kind of pigment for electroplating silver. It is non-toxic, but the effect of electroplating is very good. The surface of the product looks shiny. It is very suitable for the surface treatment of plastic products such as PC plastic raw materials and ABS plastic raw materials.


● Rubber Paint. After the paint is attached to the surface of plastic products, the product will feel very elastic and soft. At the same time, the product can have the function of anti pollution and anti solvent.


● Conductive Paint. Through this method, plastic products can be used as metals in many projects. After being treated with conductive paint, the surface of plastic products has conductive and magnetic conductivity. At the same time, the resistance value can be specially made according to special requirements. Now it has been widely used. The representative products are PS plastic and ABS plastic material surface treatment.


● Luminous Paint. This method is a kind of pigment that can be seen in the dark for plastic products. This method often makes the surface of plastic products very attractive, especially in the dark night.


● Laser Engraving. Many people have been exposed to the surface treatment process of laser engraving, such as granite carving and steel plate carving. This method is also commonly used in the surface treatment process of plastic products.


● Pearlescent Powder. Pearlescent powder is mainly used on the surface of cosmetics. This pigment mainly increases the beauty and cost performance of plastic products!

The above eight methods are often used in the surface treatment of plastic, but also achieved very good results, they enhance the function of plastic surface, indirectly improve the cost performance of products, so they are warmly welcomed in the market.