How to make freshie silicone molds


Thanks for coming to our fun and easy guide for creating freshie silicone molds! We offer all the help you require, no matter your skill level. Explore how to make trendy molds for all your tasks with silicone rubber. We’ll guide you through the steps for making everything from jewelry to toys. Say goodbye to air bubbles and allow flawless molds every time! Let’s take a plunge and release our creativity. Get set to mold!

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How to make freshie silicone molds

Many steps go into making these molds for freshies. It assures that the final item will be both visually lovely and helpful. An essential guide to creating these molds for freshie items will be seen below:


Things Needed:

How to Create Freshie Silicone Molds:

First, make the master model ready.

Install the molding box.

Mix the silicone.

Pour the Silicone.

Fix the Silicone.

Last Touches.

It’s now time to put in your silicone mold to make freshies. To make your freshies, put the supplies of what you want (scented wax or resin, for all) into the mold.

Upkeep and Care.

Apply soapy water to wash your molds. And while keeping them, let them fully dry. To avoid cutting, avoid using sharp tools to remove the dried stuff from the molds.

Success Tips

This method offers you plenty of choice in the size and form of your freshies. It is excellent for both business and private use.

Silicone Mold

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Can I use any silicone rubber?

It’s best for molds because it captures details well and sets correctly.

How do I prepare my object?

Make sure it’s clean. Use a mold release agent if it’s porous or to help with removal later.

How do I mix silicone rubber?

Mix Part A and Part B in equal parts until they are all the same color.

How can I avoid air bubbles?

Mix slowly, and tap the container to release any bubbles.

Do I need a mold box?

Yes, it keeps the silicone in shape while it sets.

Can I speed it up?

Some types allow for faster setting with heat, but follow instructions carefully.

How do I remove the object?

Gently flex or peel the mold away. Use a release agent or gentle heat if needed.


Finally, the key to creating these molds is to let the ideas run free and enjoy yourself immensely. This method lets you show off your ideas in limitless forms, regardless of age. Take what you need, then, and get going! Get rid of the need for perfection and instead work on having fun and seeing your plans come to life. You’re offering the world just a little of yourself with every mold you create. So keep making, studying, and, best of all, smiling. Have fun creating!